About Us

Kunlun Tech has gradually formed five major business,including Overseas information distribution and metaverse platform, Opera, Overseas social entertainment platform, StarX, Global mobile game platform, Ark Games game platform, Ark Games, Leisure and entertainment platform, XIANLAIHUYU, and equity investment, covering more than 450 million monthly active users worldwide. The market covers China, Europe, Southeast Asia, The Middle East, North America, South America, Africa and other places. Kunlun Tech was listed on gem in 2015, and the number of employees has increased to more than 4,000.



Kunlun is founded

Kunlun starts with web game development and publishing games globally, and successively releases games such as "Kunlun World", "Girl’s Dream Factory", "Tale of Wuxia" among others. Kunlun is part of the first batch of Chinese developers to enter the overseas game market.

Kunlun gradually starts to develop self-developed mobile games

Relying on development and operating experience from web games, Kunlun gradually expands the business to envelop online mobile games and client games. In 2012, the mobile game business is officially established, and Kunlun focuses on developing mobile games in-house starting in 2015.

Kunlun lists in A-share, develops an investing plan

Kunlun establishes in the ChiNext stock market on January 21, 2015. Based on the game business, it strategically invests in Opera, Grindr and Xianlaihuyu, in order to widen the focus and to capture opportunities in the fields of Fintech, live broadcast, e-commerce, and two dimensions.

Kunlun keeps expanding business scope

Kunlun is committed to becoming the world's leading social network company, has listed the recently acquired Opera on the NASDAQ in New York, and the new independent brand GameArk is officially launched, to further expand its overall business scope.

Kunlun aims to be a global Internet Platform Company

Several diversified business segments have been initially formed, including the information distribution platform Opera, the global game development-and-operation integrated business GameArk, and the leisure and entertainment platform Xianlaihuyu, so as to transform into a global internet platform company.

Kunlun reinforces the positioning on Internet Platform Company

Through acquisitions, Kunlun now maintains a 53.88% stake in Opera and becomes the controlling party of the global internet traffic giant, further clarifying and strengthening the strategic positioning of the global internet platform.

Kunlun enhances its global influence thoroughly

Kunlun acquires Star Group to expand into audio-based social networking; Opera and Star Group are merged into Kunlun financial statements to further enhance the global internet platform strategy and thoroughly increase its global reach and influence.